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Hellenic Business Club of Türkiye (HBCT)

Given the absence of any organization or platform that functions as a "cohesive link" of the Greek and expatriate business and entrepreneurial presence in Istanbul, and in Türkiye as well, we ‘ve created the Hellenic Business Club of Türkiye - HBCT. It’s an initiative of the Embassy of Greece in Ankara and the Ambassador Mr. Christodoulos Lazaris, in cooperation with the rest of our Diplomatic Representations in Türkiye.

The Club, in its first steps, will be supported by the Economic and Commercial Affairs Offices (ECO) of the Embassy of Greece in Ankara (Mrs. Paraskevi Tasakou, Minister Counselor - Economic) and the Consulate General of Greece in Istanbul. In particular, the ECO Office in Istanbul, will take care of the initial organizational matters of the Club and will undertake its secretarial support, communication and information, membership campaigns as well as the organization of various events and member meetings.

With the aim of spreading the role and duties of the Club, we have created both this website and an account on LinkedIn business networking platform.

Hoping that our venture will be embraced and supported by the Greek business community in Türkiye, I invite you to become members of the Hellenic Business Club of Türkiye, your own Club.

Apostolos Digbassanis


Economic and Commercial Affairs

Istanbul, December 2022

Role and Mission

The main priority of the Club is to help the networking of its members, entrepreneurs, business executives and other professionals, from Greece and the Greek origin community across Türkiye. Gradually, the Club aims to attract Turkish entrepreneurs as well, with a presence, partnerships or investments in Greece. It is a platform for exchanging ideas, expressing opinions and disseminating information among its members.

The Club aims:

-  to improve the business image of Greece in Türkiye,

- to strengthen the business dialogue and the mutual information exchange of its members,

-  to promote the Hellenic entrepreneurship in Türkiye,

-  to highlight business opportunities and partnerships.



Among other initiatives, the Club will organize:

- members' information events and meetings, workshops and round tables of economic and business interest, as well as social events for its members,

- regular coordination meetings of members on organizational and other issues,

-  annual General Assemblies of its members.


The Hellenic Business Club of Türkiye members will be able, among other:

- to receive exclusive invitations to the Club's events and meetings,

- to receive the Club's Newsletter as well as information of interest to their e-mail address,

-to display their activities on the Club's website and LinkedIn account,

- to be informed about the International Exhibitions that are held in Türkiye and Greece,

- to be informed about Business Missions and visits from Greece and to be invited to participate in them.

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