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TITAN Group’s initiatives for the provision of assistance to earthquake-struck Turkey

TITAN group, one of the largest business groups in Greece, soon after the catastrophic earthquakes struck South Turkey, immediately mobilized through its group member company in Turkey (ADOCIM CIMENTO) This mobilization aimed to strengthen the search-and-rescue efforts of Hellenic Team, organised by the Civil Protection Authority of Greece and the relief of those affected . We thank Club member Mr. Charalambos Gouraros, CFO of ADOCIM and his colleagues for their immediate and so humane response. The following is an information note we received from the group's PR department.

Athens, February 9th, 2023

It was with deep shock and regret that we learned of the devastating earthquake that hit southern Turkey, causing human loss and considerable material damage. On this sad occasion, we, as TITAN Group, could not sit back.

We have immediately mobilized to support communities affected. AdoçimÇimento, our TITAN company in Turkey, was among the first to launch a donation drive:

· Relief goods, including food, clothing, and heaters, were shipped to the people of one of the most impacted areas, Golbasi – Adiyaman, reaching them in less than 48 hours after the earthquake.

· In addition, 2,000 liters of fuel and food supplies were offered to the Rescue Team of Greece, who are continuing their heroic efforts in one of Turkey’s most suffering provinces.

More initiatives, both at the Group level and by our Business Units around the world, are already being planned, while our teams in Turkey are working closely with local authorities to learn more about how we can help the affected communities in the most effective way.

As always, even more so in times of crisis, TITAN stands by the communities of the areas it operates in, offering them relief and assistance in overcoming challenges.


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